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The new project I've undertaken this year is a big one. The building is quite large measuring 55 feet wide and 130 feet long on the outside. It will resemble a french country coach house architecturally matching the big house and guest house. The same stone from Wiscounsin for the walls and 70 tons of slate from New York will cover the exterior. Incidentally, on the roof of the big house is 50 tons and on the guest house has 18 tons of slate.

The interior will represent an entirely different era. In the 30s the high end new Cadillac introductions were held in the grand ball rooms of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City where they would park V16s on persian rugs laid on parquet floors. This building, when entering the foyer, will take you back in time to this era. You'll see 12 foot high impressed tin ceilings, chandeliers everywhere, wall sconces on pillars, terrazzo floors, and an upper mezzanine overlooking the showroom. This will be a complete recreation of the fancy opulent showrooms of the golden era of Cadillac. This will house all the 30s cars in the collection. The grand opening will be held during the car show on June 6, 2009. Don't miss it...there's nothing like this in Canada!




Slideshow Presentation by Barry Carson

Steve's Grand Opening Speech video by Jackie McManus

George Barris on Steve Plunkett video by Jackie McManus

Gene Winfield speaks video by Jackie McManus

Bo Hopkins / Candy Clark video by Jackie McManus

Bobby Curtola video by Jackie McManus